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Jon Beavers, Ian Merrigan, Mimi and Teft wrote and recorded this song.

Even when I'm down
Even when I'm down
you pick me up and put my feet on the ground.
Even when I'm down
Even when I'm down
Even when I'm down

Even when the world's spinnin against me,
a beast creepin out of the deep, killin my sleep
like a novel by Peter Benchley
And i can feel intensely the weight of the immensely
impending doom impeding my breathing. I know eventually
You're gonna lift me up and I'ma get
the panoramic view I've been avoiding so intently
Even when my mental state's demented
and bent out of line plenty
10 out of 9 times my ties are only incidentally
infectable. Infinitely I'm connected to the healthy divinity
which invented and sent me.
I been a point of contact to the demons and the gentry
so repeatedly, but even then you're there to free me gently
from my disbelief. You open me to me.
When i can't even see to see the sea
its sprawling there and how much greater is the all in thee
Even when I'm stalling or falling or brawling heatedly
You're always eagerly awaiting and calling me

Even when I'm down Even when I'm down Even when I'm down you pick me up and put my feet on the ground.

I can be foolish
Might make mistakes
Bottle my emotions
My heart even aches
Don't want to feel this way
You look at me and say
'Oh c'mon girl
just get it outta your head
I will be your back bone
No worries let them shed'
Gotta be free
I gotta be me
You make me wanna
You make me wanna

He's got this tendency in him for soliciting grinnin'
And getting anyone with him to quit their miserable bitchin' a minute.
He give 'em vision with a positive spin if they listen.
And its a shock to their system; they call it 'opticalmism'.
But then when dinner is finished,
And 'oh the time, where did it go?
I guess its time to go with it' and they split,
Man, how quick he gets so cynical with it!
Falling victim, once again to 'geminiacal rhythms'.
And I've been trying to quit 'em,
But, man, you know what they say:
'History is just another hit of replay'.
And I'd have never thought I'd see a new day
'Til the day I saw the sun and she was coming my way.
She told me, 'reason is never strong as believin.
Love is a wave. You gotta change with the season and
When I feel my equilibrium leavin'
She pick me up and leave me even.

Chorus reprise


from TeftyTeft and Friends, released June 24, 2015
Writers and artists:
Jon Beavers, Ian Merrigan, Mimi & Teft
Chris Teft Hughes



all rights reserved


Teftyteft and Friends Los Angeles, California

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