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Jon Beavers wrote this rap for Mimi. Jon does the vocal bridge. Teft on instruments on all tracks.

I don't know if you been told about what happened lately
But so and so and you know who, they bout to have their baby
And all the people on the TV goin' crazy sayin' Oh oh Oh oh
And what you heard about that singer with the hottest record
I heard she gave the cops the finger then she got arrested
And now she's sweatin cause they got her on possession saying' Oh oh Oh oh
But that ain't nothin next to what I'm bout to do this summer
I'm bout to blow, I got a show and got producers comin'
I wonder what I'm gonna do with all this money talkin' Oh oh Oh oh

So what's really goin' on?
Nothin's really goin' on
So what's really goin' on?
Nothin's really goin' on
Nothing's really goin' on
Cept what's really goin' on
But they ch ch chatter
Yea they ch ch chatter

Nothing's really goin' on
Cept what's really goin' on
Nothing's really goin' on
Cept what's really goin' on
If you think you got it right
then you're thinking bout it wrong
Nothin's really goin' on
but they ch ch chatter

And I don't know what you been hearing bout these politicians
but I done heard it from somebody in a top position that when they finished
they won't have a pot to piss in singin' Oh oh Oh oh
And you know that they can watch us through computer cameras
And when we talking' they be listenin on their big antennas
Better learn to talk in code so they don't understand us Oh oh oh oh
You see I'm tryin to take you with me if you want to follow
Yea I know i'm givin you an awful lot to swallow
But you can sign up for my blog and read it all
I call it Oh-Oh dot Oh-Oh

Excuse me. I can hear you speaking but I think you're about to lose me. Talking a lot of words and yet the purpose is confusing. You been getting loud and yet the crowd it isn't moving. Some of them are snoozing . Sorry if I'm bruising egos but I need to for the people who are seeking for the leaders. They're gonna motivate the sleepers so before you blow the speakers let me teach you what went wrong. Nothing really going on less it's really going on.


from TeftyTeft and Friends, released June 24, 2015
Writers and artists:
Jon Beavers, Mimi & Teft
Chris Teft Hughes



all rights reserved


Teftyteft and Friends Los Angeles, California

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