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All five of us are on this song. Ian Merrigan takes the lead rap joined by
Jon Beavers, Ian Merrigan, Casey Hurt and Mimi. Teft on instruments

And I been mindin my business and expectin the same
but these jokers keep on yellin my name
Oh why they call me out
Oh Lord they call me out
He got that animal in him can't you see he's insane
Try to hold it got my foot 
on the chain
Oh why they call me out
Oh Lord they call me out

And if a dog don't bark 
Leavin lyin in the dark they say
Until he want it
Then you finish what he start
But I can't abide a robber
In the streets I send my daughter to play
So the rules have been abolished
for the slaughterin 
and this is how it oughta been
you mindin your business and
me mindin my business
no offense no repentin
but this tendency in me
to snatch a villian by his throat
got me volatile to all the bones 
and promises you broke
imma bomb it til it smoke
bring the drama kill the joke
watch you eat the words you vomit
til you swallow
til you choke
when you offer me apologies
you probably should know
hey yo, i cannot stop it
when the monster is provoked

CHORUS (repeat)

Pre-Verse 2
Somebody stop before I blow
I'm losing hold of my control
and homie I don't want have to let it go
but these suckers gotta know
cause that I told them once before
and the second time around I aint laying low
so here we go

Verse 2
and I don't wanna have to drop a hammer on a fool
but I aint afraid to do what I gotta
plus I brought the proper tool
yall can call it cruel if you wanna
but there aint a lot of room for a lot of me
with a lot of you
well I catch a lot of talk from an awful lot of dudes
and to tell the truth homie they aint brought a lot of proof
so go on and make it do watch ya gotta
I'm a spit the gospel in the booth while yall set the gossip loose

Chorus (repeat)


Oh I don't know why 
they wore me crazy
but Lord who will save me
when I slip away
they call me out
they call me out
Oh I don't know why
they wore me crazy
but Lord who will save me
when I lose my way
they call me out
Oh Lord they call me out

Vocal Chant


from TeftyTeft and Friends, released June 24, 2015
Writers and artists:
Jon Beavers, Ian Merrigan, Casey Hurt, Mimi & Teft
Chris Teft Hughes



all rights reserved


Teftyteft and Friends Los Angeles, California

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